Sunday, 1 June 2008

Moist Chocolate Cake

This is another easy-to-follow recipe using chocolate cake premix. Kids love it! The result is similar to the American Chocolate Cake bought from the Stanson Cake House or Secret Recipe. With the recent price hike of all the raw ingredients such as flour and sugar, most bakeries have raised their cake prices for almost 30%. An ordinary chocolate cake weighing 1kg-1.5kg cost about RM50-RM75 now. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you consider baking this cake for your kids with sweet tooth than burning a hole in your pocket. You will definitely take more pain in baking this cake yourself then buying the ready-made one from the shop as the steps is just so simple. You can coat it with chocolate filling if you are a chocolate die-hard. As I don't really fancy chocolate, I have skipped the chocolate filling & topping due to great concern for calories intake. However, to give the cake more flavour, i have mixed in some bitter-sweet chocolate chips.

1 packet 500g chocolate butter cake premix (available in most of the cake ingredient shop)
100 ml water
200 g eggs
200 g melted butter

1. Beat the egg until the mixture turns pale in colour.
2. Stir in chocolate cake premix, melted butter and water. Mix well.
3. Pour some water into a steamer until it is boiled.
4. Pour the cake mixture into a heat-proof plastic container or a aluminium cake tin.
5. Steam for 45 minutes.
6. Cooled and store in fridge.

While I have decided to skip the topping, instead of baking it with an oven, I have chosen to steam the cake to ensure that it is moist and soft. However, you may bake it bain marie (put the cake tin inside a pan filled with water) and the end result is also very moist.

There are a few variations to the basic recipe which is worth trying:-
1. To make a chocolate brownie, just add in some chopped walnut and/raisin(soaked overnight in rum) and bake it in the oven. This cake is best eaten warm with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. It taste better than the one from TGIF.

2. To make a chocolate cheese brownie. Prepare the cream cheese mixture by mixing 250g cream cheese with 1 egg and 100g icing sugar. Bake the chocolate cake for 10 min first. Remove from the oven and pour in the cream cheese mix. Stir the cream cheese mixture gently with the chocolate cake mixture. Continue baking for another 40 minute or until a skewer came out clean when it is pricked to the centre of the cake. This cake is best eaten cold so chill well before serving.

If you intend to keep this cake for longer period, you can drip some rum on the cake and store it air-tight in the fridge and it can be kept for more than a week. Just heat it up using micro oven to let the alcohol evaporate in case you are worry about the alcohol effect on children.


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