Friday, 20 June 2008

Home-made Enzyme

Is this highly-spirited or spirit make us high??

Our linedance's "Golden Boy & Jade Lady" have generously treated us their home brew during our last Thursday practice session. This wonderful drink is in fact alcohol free and konon-nya is packed with all the good enzymes. The most precious of all things is that the processes of making are all "orang-matic" and the ingredients used are all organic!! Ai-say-man, got money also can't buy!

On the verge of getting drunk with Golden Boy & Jade Lady's sweet homemade enzymes, all of us were in hilarious mood and were very gung-ho about brewing it ourselves. In view of their overwhelming interest, I decided to copy some of the enzyme recipes from the book I bought.

Our senior line dance instructor Janice Lim briliantly suggested that I scan the pages and post in. I was very tempted with this suggestion but on second thought, I am afraid this may infringe the publisher/author's copy right and get sued. So after much considerations, I am going to copy "wisely" with some modifications of terms and extract the gist from the content of this book so that it would appear to be different from the original..(Hahaha..clever-leh!)


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