Sunday, 22 June 2008

Food. People. Coffeeshop

Kota Damansara is now becoming a food heaven. There are many food outlets ranging from low to high-end. There are many coffeeshops too. I discovered this coffee shop with very authentic hawker style penang food. The name of this restaurant is Food.People.Coffeshop. It's located at the back of Sin Yin Loong Coffeeshop.

This coffee shop is the hybrid of traditional kopitiam and the modern Bistro concepts. The coffee cups are the typical kopitiam thick ceramic type but the place also provide free wireless surfing just like Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. Best of all, got air-con too.

But to me, the most important features of course is the food. Well, I must say that good food are hard to come by and this shop owner really did not disappoint us at all. We ordered nyonya nasi lemak, penang har mee and wanton mee. Each cost RM4.50. Much cheaper than what I expected. All also taste good. I also ordered their fuchok imai. It's not enriched with thick soya (nothing beat my mom-in-law style of fuchok imai) but at least there are not stingy with their gingko nuts.

There are also other authentic penang style food such as rojak, chee cheong fun with har kou, ipoh hor fun, a-tui mi suah (duck drumstick with vermicelli soup). I will try some of these next time.

Too bad I didn't bring my camera along or else can snap some yummy pic to show you. Go try yourself lar..


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