Friday, 20 June 2008

Lemon Enzyme Vinegar

I noticed some of the ingredients used in the enzyme book that I bought came with foreign names..Looks like we may have problem getting the stuff. Anyway, to give you guys a good jump-start, I have selected the below recipe as the ingredients are the simplest to acquire:

  • Lemon - 300 g
  • Orange - 200g
  • Organic Brown Rice Vinegar - 520ml
  • Oligo 900 - 90g/15sachets (If it is liquid form, 15 tbsp)
  • Lime flower honey - 250g/ 1/2 bottle
  1. Wash the fruits, dry and slice into pieces.
  2. Divide all ingredients into 3 portion.
  3. Stack in sequence- orange, lemon, oligo and lime flower honey into the glass jar. Followed by remaining 2 portions (i like this word, my ex boss used to pronounce this word wrongly as "potion". This is not love potion okay...sorry, side track a bit)
  4. Pour in the organic brown rice vinegar after you have finished stacking in the 3 portion of ingredients.
  5. Seal tight with cling film before covering the container with lid.
  6. Keep in cool dry place for 2 weeks before serving.
  7. For best result, keep for 2-3 monthjs
  8. To consume, just mix 30 ml with 10 times of water.
Lemon is rich in alkaline and it is good to neutralise our sometimes-acidic body. It helps to intoxicate and the citric acid helps to increase calcium absorption. Enrich with orange, high level of vitamin C travels through the body neutralizing free radical, good for people who get cold easily and can help you maintain youthfulness.