Sunday, 1 June 2008

Black Herbal Jelly (Kwai Leng Gou)

My line dancing buddies have suggested to organise a potluck at Kim's house during our weekly line dance practice. Each of them have decided what to bring and somebody has suggested me to prepare the coconut milk jelly.

After pondering for a few moment, i decided to prepare the black herbal jelly as it is relatively more healthy than the coconut milk jelly. Below is the analysis made:

Coconut Milk Jelly vs Black Herbal Jelly
High Saturated Fat vs No saturated fat
Heaty vs Cooling
More complex in preparation vs Simpler to prepare
Minimum nutritional vs value Make the complexion clearer, reduce pimple outbreak, sore throat...

Finally, i decided to get the black jelly mix from Eu Yan Sang. The mixture is originally bitter like one that can be bought from "Kong Wor Thong". However, I have improvised the recipe by making the bitter mixture more palatable. Below is the improved recipe of my own invention:-

Some pandan leaves
1 packet of 50g Eu Yang Sang black jelly powder mix with 500 ml water
100 g rock sugar
1 Litre water

1. Simmer the pandan leaves and 100g of rock sugar with 1 litre of water for 30 minutes.
2. Pour in the black jelly mixture and simmer for another 15 minutes.
3. Remove from heat. Pour mixture into the small serving containers.
4. Leave to cool and chill well before serving.

These are the end result from 2 packets of 50g Black Jelly mix.

You can choose to reduce the sugar content by 10g and serve it with honey syrup.


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