Saturday, 19 September 2009

What Are Enzymes?

Enzymes are a type of miraculous protein. Its main functions are digestion and provide energy. Enzymes are essential to our body. Without them, the cells will lose its vitality. The human body contains proteins, vitamins, minerals and hydrogen. But only enzymes can help to accelerate metabolism.
Two types of Enzymes:
  • External Enzymes - Can be found from foods, fruits and home made enzymes
  • Internal Enzymes - The ability of our immune systems is in direct proportion with the level of internal enzymes in the body. Those with high levels of body enzymes will have strong immune system
The functions of Enzymes:
  • Improve digestion: Promotes digestion and strengthen immune system. Helps to enhance metabolism.
  • Cell revitalisation: Accelerates metabolism, provides energy and revitalize cells.
  • Anti-inflammation: Enzyme can help to maintain the functionality of white blood cells. Reduces inflammation in order to speed up the recovery of wounds.
  • Block bacterial infection: Helps to acceleration termination of bacteria by white blood cells.
  • Detoxification: Expel toxins from the body, cleanses the blood vessel, helps to eliminate virus.
  • Blood cleansing: Detoxifies the blood and breaks down cholesterol, promotes blood circulations.


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