Sunday, 27 September 2009

Korean Village

Went with my sis in law to look for her friend at Korean Village yesterday. This is a little Korean residential in Ampang. A popolar place to hunt for authentic Korean restaurants and stuff. My sis in law recommended to look for Korean-made ice creams which she claimed really delicious. As I was craving for the 3-in-1 Korean coffee beverage sticks which are not easily available. So thought it's a good idea to just hop into one of the Korean mart to get it . There are more than 4 groceries marts in just few rows of shoplots. We hopped into one shop which was situated at the corner to look for ice creams. I was fascinated with so many made-in-Korea stuff. I made the mistake for not comparing prices. Some items are sold without price label so it is always wise to check the price before paying. When we got into other shops later, we realised that the prices for the groceries sold in the corner shop seemed much dearer compared to other outlets in the intermediate lots. Also, goods at the smaller outlets are cheaper too. Despite these are all supermarts, the price from one shop to another may vary in a region of 10%-30%. For example one packet with 100 sticks of 3-in-1 coffee in one shop costs RM65 and in another shop only costs RM40. However when comparing with Jusco and Cold Storage, some of the Korean stuff here are relatively cheaper, according to my sis in law, some items are more cheaper here than paying it in Korea. For example my favourite Korean noodle (pic below) costs RM13.90 at Jusco but only sold at RM10.00 in one of the marts.

This is a watermelon shaped ice cream- are you tempting to get a bite?

The honey dew ice cream is creamily yummy with mildly sweet and refreshing honey dew flavour. It is a must-try! Bumped into one Middle East shop, the punget smell of the Middle East spices really kick your senses up. Met the eyes were many more unique items, for example this one "garlic shampoo" in the pic below. Dare to try?

It's soon passed noon time and our stomach started to rumble. So we decided to have our lunch at one of the Korean restaurants. I decided on Nak Won since I have not tried this one before. Ordered a set of BBQ Pork Ribs, Kimchi Pancake, and Bibimbap(pronounced as "Pibimpap"). The order exceeded RM35 and a bowl of steamed eggs (taste like chawan mushi) was given on the house. Later we realised we have ordered too much food for 3 person and have to get the waiter to bungkus half of the Kimchi pancake for take away. Total food bill came to RM66.00. Service charge was waived as we paid by cash.
This Bibimbap resembles our claypot rice with crunchy vegetables.

Look at the groceries I bagged home from 3 shops!Below is my favourite Korean coffee!


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