Saturday, 26 September 2009

Bon Ga - Korean BBQ Restaurant, Mont Kiara

My parents in law and Elgin have never had Korean food before so we decided to take them to Korean Restaurant during the recent long holidays. The weather was rainy and gloomy therefore suitable to eat barbeque.

There are many Korean restaurants around this area and we stumbled upon this one since it looked like brand new. The atmosphere was cool and pleasant without the stench of smoky BBQ and oil smell. I have always love the floor sitting arrangement as it makes me feel like home.

As usual, an array of up to 10 types of sweet, sour
and cold side dishes (Banchan) were served varied from cold vege salads tossed in sesame oil dressing, stir fried brinjals, cold starchy noodles, cold boiled beansprouts , long beans in chilly paste and etc. Of course, it is not an authentic Korean meal without the conventional side dish-kimchi . Our concern for the waitress is "oh my many dishes and plates to be washed after a meal.."

The side dishes were very appetizing. I particularly like this one

Clockwise from left:
Samgye Tang (sounds like "sam kai tong" which is ginseng chicken soup) -RM30.00
Gimchi jeongol (kimchi soup) -RM35.00
Daeji galbi (BBQ pork ribs) - RM28.00
Haemul pajeon (seafood pancake) - RM35.00
Bibimbap(Vegetable mixed rice) - RM19.00
Samgyobsal (Pork belly meat) - RM25.00

Bokbunja - Made in Korea raspberry red wine, goes well with BBQ

The ais kacang with mixed fruits dessert was on-the-house.

Same goes with icy Korean favorite.

My mom in law always relates to Korean food as a tableful of fermented, cold and sour dishes. In fact, Korea has never been a country she wish to visit. This meal really changed her impression on Korean dishes. Bon Ga is located at the Mont Kiara, Solaris. It is visible from the main street towards Cold Storage direction.


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