Sunday, 22 February 2009

Kak Fauziah's Home

Over the years, it's easy to lose touch with friends, even the ones that you thought will be around forever. I have recently made contact with Kak Fauziah, a former colleague of mine. We have lost touch since she left the companies more than 7 years ago.

She now lived a sweet and soulful life style after leaving the corporate world. Many years later, she still remains a bubbly single lady with outgoing personality. I visited her at her condo recently.

I was really fascinated with the interior of her house, the setting, the characters and all the fascinating decorative stuff, fine antiques and was exquisite!

This antique settee was custom-made and carries the old world charm. The tiles were originated from a century old house in Ipoh.

Can you imagine she laid those wall tiles all by herself?

She is artistic too. These are her masterpiece.

Very English...

Plates that are not meant for serving

The corner of lavish green. Some plant species are "smuggled" in from overseas


Cozy and homey

Imported handmade tapestry and oil painting for sales, anyone?


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