Sunday, 15 February 2009

Potluck Cum Line Dance Party

As planned, our very first potluck cum linedance party was successfully organised yesterday. When the idea was mooted, the husbands of the husband-and-wife teams were very excited as the event would be held on a Valentine's Day. Indirectly, they can be spared from burning a hole in their pocket for a Valentine Day's Candle Light Dinner. However, I doubt they really received mercy from their honey. Perhaps the dinner can be saved but not the Valentine's Gift. I hope they got even with each other.

As for me, I was rather carefree as my hubby was not in town (Thank God!). I couldn't be bothered with Valentine Day celebration as I think the idea of a married couple spending on a Valentine's Dinner at a restaurant is rather foolish. Must we have it on on a Valentine's day, of all the days? P
erhaps I am the practical sort..

Back to our potluck party..yes it was a succesful event. Am very surprise that all my team members not only can dance, but are also good in their culinary skills!

There were varieties of homecook dishes and the pictures are available at our Team Blog:

I love this sort of event very much as it was a time to bond and get to know our members, including members' family too. Oh..yeah, by the way, we have our Bayu, Shah Alam team members joining us for the event. This group can also dance and cook well too.

All the dishes prepared(or bought??) were exotic and the taste were fabulous. Christina has forgotten to provide the names for the food pictures posted in our blog. Let me introduce them one-by-one, in case you have already salivated..

  • Thai Style Kerabu Chicken Feet Skin by Christina (this time the dish was spiced up with lots of shredded ginger
  • Mini Chicken Siew Pau(puff) and Homemade curry puff contributed by the Bayu's team members (Sorry, Joyce never introduced the name of the contributors)
  • Glutinuos Rice with Chinese Sausages prepared by our linedance instructor-Joyce
  • Assam Lettuce (By the way, anyone knows who was the contributor??)
  • Vegetarian Fried Vermicelli (sorry, again dunno who's the contributor..)
  • Stewed cuttle fish prepared by Joyce
  • Chicken Feet in Vinegar (This dish is supposed to be pork trotter in vinegar but then as Lam is a non-pork eater, Joyce was undertanding enough to replace with chicken feet. By the way, with chicken feet as the most popular dish amongst this group, I supposed you could have now get to know the key to line-dance till aged 60s & beyond, right? The secret is to consume more chicken feets (so you can dance like a chicken)
  • This pic look like stewed octopus....Frankly I dunno what was that and no one seemed to be able to tell me who prepared that. This dish looked great to eat with rice anyway.
  • Home-grown chicken from YoungmanLim and LengluiKim
  • Red bean and black glutinuos rice dessert from Joyce again
  • Nyonya style acar from Janice (yummy!)
  • "Mieng Kum" (Thai Leave Roll) and steamed savoury rice pudding (Now you understand why we must called upon our Bayu Team members to join us as they are expert in preparing traditional and exotic dishes which with money also can't get to buy..)
The food list was lengthy.... Some pictures were not in time to be taken as they were finished in a lightning speed! I believe the camera man when seeing this was too stunt to take further pic and told himself to better grab some food before the pot and plates got empty.

Other dishes were pandan jelly from Sister Ying. Longan and coffeemate jelly from Rui Ting. Annie's dessert (I dun get to eat this one as all other members have grabbed all and left me an empty sorry for me!) Fried rice from Ya Mei. Ms Tien's curry puffs and Yuki's Tea Leaf Eggs. By the way, Cindy's vegetarian style mixed vegetables had been mistaken by Lam as a dish prepared by his mother in law. I believe Christina's mom would be happy to learn that. For her son-in-law really admired the taste of her dishes. But not the case for Cindy when Lam innocently sought confirmation. Below is the conversation recorded:
"Was that prepared by you? How come it taste exactly like my mother in law cook one??"
"Walau-way! Please don't take me as your mother in law, okay?!" That was classic!
All the food was so-so very delicious! By the way, I was lucky to have my mom-in-law's help to prepare for my potluck offering. As usual, she has demanded for perfection to the extent that she got to start a charcoal fire at our backyard to deliver her specialty-Charcoal Style Hokkien Mee.

I better pause now in case you get too hungry with the food listing...


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