Monday, 9 February 2009

Ang Pow

Today is Chap Goh Meh, which sounded like "The 15th Night". It is in fact the last day of CNY. So sad.. the festival is now over liao..

"Mom, it's the last day of CNY, can I open all my angpow now?"

To tell the truth, I have never expected Elgin to ask me this question. It's a clear indication that my Elgin is not a naive little boy anymore. He now has a mind of his own and is aware of his "proprietorship". I was so used to keep and spent his angpow monies in the past years that little did I expect him to be matured enough to recognise the usefulness of money.

Elgin just turned seven year's old last week. His capability in making sense of money perhaps is a clear indication of a milestone achievement..hahaha!I think I have under-estimated the Ong's family's heir...

When I was his age, I wasn't that "sing-mok"(smart). I still remember most of the time I have tendency to misplace my angpows or dropped them somewhere before they reached my mom's safe hands. I have disregard the value, yet only got fascinated with angpow packets. I have never received angpows loaded with isi(contents) as my dad usually gave us angpow with a token sum of money in a region of RM10-RM30 right till before I was married. Anyway, he has not forgotten to remind us that he was giving angpow to keep the tradition alive and we can always ask him for extra pocket money if necessary. Anyway, I used to think that my dad is rather frugal.

When I grew up and have gotten married, it was my turn to give my parents angpow. However, my parents will usually returned 1/3 of the content to me. This year, my dad is no longer there to give me angpow. However, my mom still keep to my dad's tradition and returned 1/3 of the value to me. My parents have been thrifty towards themselves and have never expected their children to give them money. I am glad to have such parents though I
hope that my mom and dad will spend on themselves and keep all the money I gave them.

I love to collect angpow packets too. Some of my 2009 collections include the follows:

Left: Astro. Right : Designer piece

Left: HSBC Premier. Right: Crab Tree & Evelyn

Front & Back: HSBC & Mid Valley Joint Venture-Ang Pow with cloth as the material. For customer purchase RM200 and above in single receipt.

Designer piece: Angpow packets with 3-D design

Left & Right: Deutche Bank

Designer Piece: Not the traditional red


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