Sunday, 8 March 2009

Pangkor Island Trip

All of us in the department have been talking about having anoverseas travel plan to take advantage of the 3 consecutive off days during the 1st week of March09 . Due to the bad economy, we can't but to settle for less since chances of getting cheap airfare during the peak holiday period were equal to nil. So finally, we decided to have an "over-the-sea" trip to Pangkor Island instead.

My colleague Sri was a great event planner for our 2-day-1-nite Pangkor trip. Programs were drawn up perfectly and with teamwork, we managed to stick to the itinerary thru' out the whole journey. Everything was fallen in place as per schedule.

On 7th March 2009, we gathered at Sg Buloh R & R for breakfast. Had an early departure at 8am in order to catch the 11.30am boat to Pangkor Island. There were 9 adults and 2 kids and we traveled in 3 cars of which I was one of the drivers. We reached the island just before noon, perfectly as planned.
This is the Jetty terminal at Lumut. The ticket to Pangkor island is RM5 per adult and RM2 per kid. We parked our car at the multi-storey car park near to the jetty. Parking rate is RM12++ per day (including taxes)

Despite free seating arrangement, all of us managed to sit close to each other at the lower deck of the ferry.
Me as the camera woman was taking the roll call."Hey! Team! Make your presence felt!"
Susee didn't pay attention at all as she was busy ringing up her hubby (i guess so)
"..Wat lar u?!"

Our ferry made a short stop at the fishing village before reaching the main terminal.

Elgin's with his new acquaintance -Betteney

"Pangkor, we have arrived!"

Upon reaching the island, we were immediately accosted by hundreds of mini van taxi drivers. The taxis are all sprayed in pink colour paint. Reminds me of once-upon-of-time mini buses in Kuala Lumpur. Why? Coz all the pink buses here got no aircon!! Like a mobile sauna room indeed..

This little cabana style bistro restaurant was where we had our lunch, dinner and breakfast.

Coconut mixed with oil to "moisturize" the seafood during BBQ

Grilled prawns

We have pre-arranged for a barbeque dinner.

Floral crabs -sweet and tasty.

Options were given of which you can either choose to do-it-yourself or get the helper to do the BBQ for you. Of course all of us chose the latter.

This bistro restaurant is equipped with disco lights and fantastic sound system. There is also a billiard table for extra entertainment. According to the keeper, if the group is big, dance party can be arranged at the open space of ground floor.

The Dutch Fort

The landmark of a giant octopus outside a fishery product factory

The local Hindus had a special temple celebration. They also burned big jossticks like the Chinese always do.

Came across this ice cream bike peddler selling burger bun stuffed with ice cream


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