Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Mauritius- Between The Sea & Sky

Our trip to Mauritius was in May 2005.

Arrival at the airport, say cheese!
The airport is very small, nothing much to see (and buy). So all of us just busy taking pictures.

We had a splendid dining experience at the hilltop restaurant at Domaine du Chasseur.
Upon reaching the top of the hill where the cabana and jungle themed restaurant was erected, the local natives presented their warmest welcome by playing drums round the campfire and danced like the lambada style.

Dine with the wilds...
Some of us were intoxicated with Jack Daniel coke!

Giant Water Lilies Pond at Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Botanical Gardens, Pamplemousses

This garden is known to naturalists throughout the world for their large collection of indigenous and exotic plants. The 60-acre garden has 500 different species of plants, of which 80 are palms. Of particular interest are the giant water lilies, a spice garden and the Talipot Palms, said to flower every 60 years after which they die.

"The Bond" posing outside a Dodo Bird T-shirt shop in Port Lois. Dodo bird is the national mascot of Mauritius

This is the semi-submersible boat "Le-Nessee". It gives us an unique viewing experience of the under-sea world.

The Charamel Falls at Grand Basssin

Breath-taking view at the Gris Gris Beach

Hey.. we are on the top of the world! A splendid retreat indeed!

A breezy day at Gris Gris beach..real cool..

Snapped at the Mauritian cliff

This is our giant-catamaran outings to Coconut Island, and dolphin-discovery excursions to mythical...(Trust me, seeing the wild dolphins are definitely different than seeing ones in Ocean Park.Too bad, the videos of the dolphins are with my friend's camera) During the catamaran ride, you can swim, do snorkeling and relax before a barbecue lunch is prepared and served on board by the experienced crews. You can drink to your heart's content free flow of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages such as beer, red wine, vodka and not forgetting Coke mixed with the local produce-The Mauritian Rum(Jack Daniel Coke). This all-inclusive day tour only cost about RM200.

A bit tipsy..better sit properly

After few shots of red wine and cocktail.. danced to the Macarena

Visit to reptile farm to take a sneak peek at giant tortoise love-making in action.

Female: "Oh boy... take it slowly, it hurts!!"
Male: "I would be gentle, darling.."


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