Thursday, 22 May 2008

Macau - Where East Meets West

I must say that Air Asia has made us flown more miles than any other carriers with their regular annual cheap fare bonanza. In Sept 2007, my usual tour buddies and I managed to secure free fares again and obtained a good bargain for ground arrangement of a 3-day-2-nite trip to Macau and Zhuhai .

It was already around 6pm when we landed at Macau Int'l Airport. I managed to capture this valuable sunset scene from the bus on the way to our hotel. The result produced was as though someone has shot it with the aid of a tripod. The secret? Thanks to Canon Digital Camera :-)
Sunset in Macau

Say Cheese..!

Musical Fountain feature outside The Wynn, Macau Hotel

The hotel we stayed (Beverly Hotel) is located in the city centre. After dinner, we took a walk down the street and was so fortunate to see the "live performance" by the musical fountain at the Wynn Hotel(Across the road from Lisboa). The musical fountain performs on every interval of 15 minutes and each session last for about 10-15 minutes. It was really an awesome experience and the best part was the spectators need not fork out a single penny to watch it! We truly immersed ourselves in a sea of wonder and emotion owing to their exquisite selection of musical which ranges from classical pieces to popular music. The result is a rich and dynamic collection of performance in water, light and colour, each unique and expressive of its own musical character.

This musical fountain is the landmark of The Wynn Hotel as it is right in front of hotel's lobby greeting all passer-by with melodious tune every night..

There are many casinos in Macau for anyone to try their hand with Lady Luck. The famous few are the New and "Old" Lisboa, the Sands Macau and the Wynn Macau. Anyway, we are a bunch of really kiasu people. So afraid to lose that we hesitated to invest into such business during our stay. After few moments of soul searching and mind strugglings sessions, we finally decided to pool in a small sum of money (HKD 50 each) as our initial capital and sent our rep Joyce to see if she can make a fortune out of it. She was under unsurpassed pressure not to lose our capital. At last, we only managed to win HKD50. Too insignificant a sum to divide amongst ourselves and we finally decided to spend it on giving everyone a dessert treat. Nevertheless, all of us were glad that we didn't lose our capital. Just for fun la..


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