Monday, 19 May 2008

Healthy Fruit Rojak

If you are a "rojak" lover, you are bound to form a love-and-hate relationship with it's main ingredients-prawn paste. Prawn paste (aka "otak udang") or otherwise knows as "Har Gou" in Cantonese is actually a sinful food loading with "baddies" such as cholesterol. The derivation processes also tend to bring in lots of impurities which i better not mention here. Besides, by virtue of its' Malay name "Otak Udang", this particular ingredient is made of the prawn's brain. One thing for sure, there is no scientific proof that this food will make you any brainier. To get a cup of prawn paste, many prawns must be sacrificed for the extraction of their otaks. So it is actually not meritorious to consume it for what you received is just a fishy smell and load your body with unwanted cholesterol.

Below is a rojak dressing recipe which skip the use of the prawn paste.

Dressing (Mix together):
4 tbsp of thick black(caramel-like) soysauce
1 tbsp light soya sauce
2 red chillies, slice thinly
2 tbsp sugar, melt with some hot water
Juice from 2 limau kasturi (lime).
At your preference Add more light soya sauce and sugar to taste

Mix the above dressing to any cut fruits such as cubed pineapples, guava, sengkuang(yam bean) blanched kangkong (Malay watercress), and blanched taugeh (beansprouts) . You can also add in some yau char kwai or taufu pop(it will still be crunchy if you toast it with a microwave rather than deep fry it).

Lastly, mix in lots of grounded toasted sesame seeds and peanuts into the the fruits and vegetables mixture. The end result is similar to rojak except that you don't get the fishy smell. For those who are allergic to peanuts, you may replace it with some toasted almond nut, cashew or pistachio nuts.


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