Monday, 19 May 2008

Easy Mixed Fruit Salad

This is the easiest mixed fruit salad recipe for children party. No measurement is required. You can dump in fruits of your own choice. For the crunchy effect, you must not miss out grapes, apples or pears.

Some cubed guavas
Some cubed apples/pears (drenched with some lemon juice or have a salt water bath to prevent oxidization)
Some seedless grapes, stem removed
Some tinned longan and rambutan, drained
Some cubed sengkuang(yam bean)
Some cubed dragon fruits

250ml whipping cream
Some sweeten condensed milk

Sweenten the whipping cream with some condensed milk.
Mix together with all the fruits.
Chilled and serve

This mixed food salad is best eaten cold. It taste a bit like mixed fruits in ice cream. You can skip the condensed milk if the fruits used are high in sugar content. If you are using mostly fruits that are not too sweet such as guava or water jambu, the condensed milk will be a real jewel to make the salad tastier. This recipe is definitely a party favourite as it is easy to prepare and liken by all the children with sweet tooth!


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