Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Quick Baked Pasta

Elgin got bored with the food catered by his school canteen and the burden now has fallen upon his mom to crack her head thinking what to pack into his breakfast box every morning. I just play-played with this recipe and the result is not too bad. Great as a quick fix for any busy working mom like me.

You will need:
1 bowl of colourful pasta
1 can of Campbell Cream of Mushroom/Mushroom potage
1 egg
1 pinch of salt & pepper
Some mix vegetables or celery or brocolli or cauliflower
Some sausages/chicken hams cut into small pieces (omit this for vegetarian diet)
Some cheddar/mazarrella cheese

1. Boil the pasta in a pot of hot water according to instruction in the packet. Drain the pasta when it's cooked.

Pour the pasta into a casserole dish and mix it with cream of mushroom, cut sausages/ham, egg, pepper and salt.

Topped with cheese slices.Sprinkle some oregano or mixed herbs on top

4. Baked till the cheese has melted and it's now ready to be packed into the tupperware.


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