Friday, 31 July 2009

Mom & Babe Talk - Big Bottle And Small Bottle

Gave Elgin some Malay Language(BM) exercise. He's expected to fill in the blanks with 4 phrases to test his comprehension. Surprisingly he managed to get all the correct answers and I wasn't quite believe it as I doubt he is able to get the answers correct. His BM vocabulary was rather poor anyway. Moreover, he's completed the exercise in a haste manner. So as usual, I planned to give him a piece of my mind.

Mom: Did you peep at the answer?

Babe: No..

Mom: Sure or not? I don't believe

Babe: It's true.....................(as normal..he deliberately raised the pitch of the word "true").

Mom: Are you sure you know all the meaning? Did you look up in the dictionary?(Never believe in luck).

Babe: No.

Mom: Huh, gotcha! Then how do you manage to guess the answers? Peep at the back of the book, right?

Babe: No....I never! Very easy, big line for big answer and small line for small answer lor...

Mom: (Confused....trying to understand).

Babe: understand or not? Just like small baby use a small bottle, big baby have to use a big bottle lah!

Mom: What?(Trying to figure out how it relates...).

Babe: If the line is small then the answer must be a small one and if the line is big then the answer must be big one. How can small line for big answer?Just like if the baby is small you must use a small bottle to feed baby. If big baby then use big bottle la! Get it, Mom? (Mom remained silent..) You mean you want to feed a small baby with big bottle huh? How can?! Mom, you now understand?!!


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