Sunday, 19 July 2009

Thai Style Salad

This recipe is an adoption from Christina's FAMOUS CHICKEN FEET SKIN salad. I have omitted the chicken feet but replaced with fried dried shrimpts. You can omit both to make this dish a vegetarian salad. Just add some sesame seeds and toasted groundnuts for extra bites.
2 unripe big mangoes - shredded
4 shallots - cut into thin slices
1 onion (white colour ones will be more crunchy)-cut into rings
1 cucumber -shredded
1 carrot (optional) -shredded
2 limes (smooth skin ones)
4 kumquat (limau kasturi)
3 stalks of lemon grass (serai) - sliced -only take the part of the stem which is about 2 inches from the root
2 talks of bunga kantan (I think this is the flower of the turmeric ginger)
Few kaffir lime leaves, cut into thin strips
Some dried shrimps/dried cuttle fish
Sugar and salt according to taste
Sesame oil (optional)
  1. Squeeze the juice from limes and kumquat - about half a bowl, reduce it if the mangoes are very sour.
  2. Fry peanuts, dried shrimps/cuttle fish with some oil separately. To reduce the oily effect, it is better to mix the ingredients with some oil. Put in a bowl and microwave at high for about 1-2 min.
  3. Pan fry sesame without oil till it gets brown.
  4. Get ready all the wet ingredients and mix them up in a bowl. Pour in the lime juice and add with enough sugar and salt according to taste.
  5. Mix well, refrigerate and let it season for 1 hour.
  6. Before serving, sprinkle the sesame, peanuts and crunchy dried shrimps/cuttle fish on top.


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