Monday, 6 July 2009

Durian Season

It's now the durian season again that we saw many roadside stalls erected out of no where in most of the towns and villages selling piles of this thorny stuff known as the king of all fruits. Durian, an exotic tropical fruit, it's either you hate it or love it. People who love it consider it tasty and will go all crazy about it. People who hates durian would think that it smells like shit. I would think that it smells like gasoline. It particularly pissed me off when someone burped after eating durian, of course including my own burp. I am not really a great fan of durian but I do crave for it once in a while, depending on mood.

I particularly enjoy eating durian with many people. Frankly, eating durian is a family occasion that I often reminisce. Durian is one of my dad's favorite fruits. Not from a well-to-do family, durian was considered a luxury fruits when I was younger. However, my dad loves it so much so that whenever it was a durian season, he would bought big gunny sacks of durian home. All the children would be extremely excited looking forward for the most anticipated event- durian opening ceremony which my dad strictly imposed, to be done only after we have completed our homework. So we would rushed to finish our homework quickly and waited anxiously for the moment to arrive. Till today I still remember the longing and delighted feelings I got while awaiting for my dad to open all those durians.

My dad, out of his love for durian, had gained the art of appreciating durian in an exquisite manner. He would not allow us to taste the durian until he has opened all the durians and "tested" each one of them. Then he will grade the durian according to his own taste bud. Having done the grading, he would tell us to eat the not-so-good ones first and only savoured the good ones at the end. By saving the best for the last, according to my dad, we will appreciate the taste of the good quality durian more. I wasn't quite patient with this kind of arrangement and many a times I tried to grab the good ones first. But my dad would quickly grab the durian fruit away and insisted that it is to be eaten at last. At times it made me so frustrated as by the time it comes to the last few good ones, I was too full to eat anymore. From that experience, I would regard my dad a true durian connoisseur.

I have to make special mention that my parents would always let the children savour the good durians. They would rather eat the ones infested with worms and save the wholesome ones for us. Now I realise that we hardly have durians infested with worms these days. That shows how much pesticides have been used in getting rid of the worms. So it is not really a good idea to indulge in durian feasting.

This is the new breed-101, very tasty and creamy. Not too bitter, my favorite.

When I was young, my dad usually bought at least 2 times the amount of this pile for a family of 5. Most of time we will invite our aunty, nieces and nephews to join us in the durian feast. I really missed those days...


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