Saturday, 6 December 2008

Scribbling As Fine Art?

My six-year-old Elgin cannot withstand boredom. I won't consider him a hyperactive child but he sleeps very little as compared to children of the same age. He has never had the habit of taking afternoon nap since year 1. He just love to stay awake and indulge in a lot of stimulation. So he spent most of the time in a day watching TV and start playing computer games since year 3. At age 4, he can remember my mobile number and called me when i was at work. At age 5, started to yahoo messaging with his dad. At age 6 he picked up sms messaging. But his handwriting and drawing remains poor. He also can hardly play a full song eventhough I sent him for musical classes & keyboard lesson since he was 2 years old.

I have the same problems with most of the parents. Being a woman at work, I could hardly spent a good two hour with my son on any working weekday. Sometimes, driven by guilty conscious, I tend to buy my son lots of expensive toys and sign him up with many kinds of child development activities. Hoping that he could spend his time with quality activities and grow up in a quality envorionment. After awhile, I noticed he begin to get sick of everything. When playing computer game and PS game, he always asked me to play with him. At the end, I realised what a child needed the most is the attention of their own parents as the game alone does not provide the interaction they get from human touch.

Elgin, like most of the children too, loves to do scribbling here and there. I am glad to have good parents in law as they managed to train him to be an obedient child since he was a baby. Though he's like many other children with itchy hands, he has never scribbled on the wall. Perhaps, once if I may recalled, when he was four plus. He did an abstract art on my light colored sofa and was given immediate punishment and stern warning. Ever since then he has learnt the lesson that scribbling on things other than paper and drawing board are strictly forbidden in this house.

Some said children who loves to scribble tend to developed to become a less emotional adult as they learnt to vent their feelings. Nevertheless, parents of a child who loves scribbling will tend to become emotional. Especially when the child does it all over the place. Describing scribbling as a fine art is easier said than done for most parents. So to prevent him from scribbling at the forbidden places, we have bought him stacks of plain drawing papers and colour markers.

After seeing what he left on the drawing papers. I begin to believe that scribbling is in fact a fine art for the parents. The art of letting our children indulge in their own imagination. A child does not lie, so does their work..

Sponge Bob Square Pants, one of his favourite cartoon shows.

What he learnt from Mandarin class :han yi pin yin

He loves to play pretend- to be the teacher marking his own homework

and he always made me his student


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