Saturday, 6 December 2008

Chilled Out On The Highlands

In November 2007, our family escaped to Cameron Highlands for a chill-out vacation. We departed about 6am in the morning. Reached Ipoh around 8am to have the famous dim sum at Foh Sun Restaurant and arrived at Cameron Highland around noon.

Whoever is planning for a holiday in CH, I will always recommend the following 3 activities. I don't know about you, but our family always enjoys these activities:

1) Visitation to Tea Plantations
This is one of my most favourite outings. I get addicted to the smell of raw tea leaves. We visited Boh Tea Centre at Sungai Palas on our first day of visit. The next day morning we went to Lipton and the last day before departure, we dropped by the Cameron Valley.
At the tea centre, you will be invited for a free tour to watch how the workers pick and segregate the tea according to the respective grades and quality. You also get to watch how the raw leaves are processed into tasty tea. The last thing that shouldn't be missed is to sip a cup of tea and help yourself with light snacks such as sandwiches and scones. The Sg Palas tea house has gone through a facelift. That reminds that I haven't set my feet on this highlands for almost a decade. The tea house was built with modern architecture, supported with glass and steel structures and is set on a balcony-like platform on the hilltop. If you choose to sit at the far end, you will command a 270 degree view of the tea plantation. You really get to relax and unwind at the tea garden. Psychologically, the cool air couple with the fragrance of the tea leaves make the brains more alert. That was real cool...

2) Visitation to flowers and fruits farms
Basically, you get to feast your eyes with many colourful nameless flowers. You get to drink freshly pressed strawberry juice and pick up one or two bottles of honey.

3) Visitation to the vegetable markets
You get to see different types of uncommon vegetables. The vegetables are not really cheap but the freshness is what you intend to get for a steamboat dinner. I love the sweet potatoes and sweetcorn. Best eaten when steaming cool weather.

At Cameron Highland, I won't recommend you to go to any of the open-door restaurant, stalls or coffee shops. The flies just pissed me off. However, T-Cafe is an exception. This small eatery is located at Tanah Rata, a few doors away from HSBC. It is above a fast food restaurant (can't remember the name). This is a family run business and they have a variety of local and western cuisine. Their scones are superb and apple pies are very famous. The ambiance is not posh but it makes you feel like home!


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