Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Kiasu Enzyme DIY 2

My son has walloped the 500 ml of apple enzyme which was delivered to this world 3 days ago.
Sigh.. he probably have thought that it taste better than our homemade
Ribena (Roselle flower syrup) since the end product was rather sweet and syrupy, esp with ice. Too bad, I only tasted once.

Since my son is an ardent fan for my enzyme drink, I have endeavoured to try out new invention. Saw Christina's bubbling dragon fruit enzyme and it tempted to get involved into a DIY process that is rather "bloody".

Shopping list today includes getting the following fruits:-
2 red dragon fruits - RM4 each
4 green kiwis - RM1.30 each
2 yellow lemons - RM1.20 each

I have discovered this vegetarian restaurant along Yik Dai Ka row which also distributes green food and organic products. Apparently their Oligo is cheaper, about RM29 per 950ml. Unlike Oligo 900, it is harvested from artichoke instead of maize. Artichoke dish can usually be found in the mat salleh food menu but this vege is rather uncommon to the Asian. I have read some recipe books which described about the steps on artichoke preparation. The steps are rather tedious as the vege itself has a fat stem with many petals and layers to be skinned off before revealing the sweet flesh. This vege reminds me of the Chinese bamboot shoots. This Oligo's texture is rather runny and the colour is dark brown. I supposed it has been added with some malt sugar. According to the shop owner, the addition is an organic and natural form of sugar from the vege itself and therefore it is also harmless to the diabetic patients (Well, at least i need to comfort myself on this bit so that my family members can drink tanpa was was..)

I have bought a bottle of organic raw honey too. Raw honey is supposed to be cooling. So I thought of adding some organic raisins to neutralise the cooling effect. Picked up the organic raisin from the shell. Wow wee, a whopping RM17+ per can. On second thought, buy fresh grapes also about the same price. Moreover I still need to get it washed and dry up...lots of I made up my mind to add it into my cart. My shopping list from the organic shop for that 3 items cost me another RM70. So the ingredients alone have made my wallet thinner by almost RM90. So I told to myself that this DIY part 2 better be successful or I swear not to DIY anymore. Reason why is because I have also discovered some ready-made prune enzyme from the shop, only RM40 per bottle and minus all the hassle...

The parade of all the raw ingredients bought for my DIY, say cheese!
At the back row is Ms Raw Organic Honey, next to her is The Dark Knight - the new breed of oligo, namely "Oligo Answer Liquid". Next to him is Yellow Lemon twins Kiwis are too shy to reveal themselves, hiding at the background. Standing at the front row is Organic Raisins which the sizes are all XXL (really, no joke). Facing the camera are 2 red Dragon fruits smiled impishly, half-hidden in the metal tub.

I am not very good with knife, so rather than skin them, I chose to cut it into half and scoop out the flesh from the kiwis. These are the "empty shells" after the flesh was scrapped clean by me using the metal spoon. In fact most nutrients are found nearer to the skins. By the way, as I didn't sun dry my tools, I was rather particular about those fruits that I used tonight. To play it safe, I have washed them using vege cleanser and rinsed many times. Falling short of using dettol to sterile them. But my mischievous son have touched their surface few times during the drying process. I hope this will not caused contamination to the fruit as the last thing that I wish to see is the enzyme turn bad due to infection caused by these 2 little hands of my son..

The crime scene....
Must clean up before CSI arrive..

I was rather upset as one of the lemon that I bought was not fresh. It looks fresh and glowing from the outer appearance but to my surprise, the inner pit has turned brownish. In the beginning I was quite upset with the fruit seller for her being dishonest. But on second thought, never mind lar, it is no surprise for one to judge a fruit by it's skin very often and no fault of her as she wasn't sure too cos look is always deceiving, just like human beings.
This is my to-be born enzyme babies. I have given names to them. On the left side is Raymon Dragon (Raisin, Lemon and Dragon Fruits) and to the right is Kylie Mona Dragon (Kiwi, Lemon and Dragon Fruits). I have used the wrong size of container again. But too bad I have dumped the first layer in so decided not to swap in case I would accidentally contaminate it.
From the left is my 2 1/2 week old orange enzyme, due this weekend. Next to him are the newly conceived non-identical twins, one gal and one boy(long fong toy) Raymon Dragon and Kylie Mona Dragon.
The "amniotic fluid" is rather dark in colour this time due to the Dark Knight - Oligo Answer.

The recipe is pretty simple. Just cut all the fruits less one spoiled lemon. Divide the fruits into 3 portion/layers. Drip the honey and oligo onto the top of the fruits for the 3 layers. Since the Kiwis and Dragon fruits are rather "vulnerable" and prone to get moldy, it is better to arrange them at the bottom, submerge in the liquid then topped with lemon. Rule of thumb is to have the liquid cover up till at least 3 quarter full of the fruits. One daily basis, get them to perform "The Shake" dance in order to maintain the surface as moist as possible.

Wish me luck!!


Swinging 40 sumting said...

Hello banaena..ur murder weapon, the knife ..did u buy them from China cos it's look similar to the one I have at home..

Back to biz,. my apple enzyme (3days/2nit old now), has no bubble too, alto this time i used oligo (with lemon slices).

Banaena said...

Yes, the knife was bought by my in laws. Quite light but very sharp. Dun play a fool with it. But i doubt it will last coz most of the China goods are quite "plastic"

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