Thursday, 3 July 2008

Kiasu Enzyme DIY

All of us had suddenly gone crazy because of Youngmanlim's charm. Oh,no, not his charm, it's his enzyme, to be exact, that have made our heads turned. Having heard that this is an antidote to aging, key to fitness, secret to beauty and longetivity, as evidenced by him and his wifey's fair complexion as well as fitter than CeciliaChung's bodies, vainpots like me and Christina are so driven into DIO(Do it ourselves.........)

Finally, we determined to make our first move. The experience is like a maiden voyage to womanhood, the bridal 's first night. Inundated with mixed feelings- full of anticipation, uncertainty and anxiety. We have experimented many positions, turning the glass jar up and down and then sideway, just to ensure that the sugar mixture covered all the fruits in order for them not to turn moldy....

Next, when we were over and done with the acts, we are anticipating the final production. This feeling is like a pregnant woman couldn't wait to see the birth of her baby. The 14-day waiting period is just like the gestational period of 3 trimesters. During this period, we take great interest to observe the development of our enzyme, just like a mother-to-be who look forward to regular gynae visits to see the ultra sonic scan of the feotus development. In the background, two women are comparing notes, to check whether their baby position and symptoms are normal. Of course the one who has delivered the baby had naturally become our mentor and are sharing the tip for a fit and healthy baby..I guess you know who....

I have also learnt that the end result may be succumbed to failure due to the condition present while preparation, the hygiene factor. If it turns black, the enzyme is unconsumable and have to be discarded. However, the mold if it is white in colour is usually harmless. This triggers me to think that any baddies are black and in the dark side and any goodies are always white and in the bright side. How wonderful is this law of nature. As to contemplate deeper, enzyme making is basically resonant to the causal and effect theory. We reap what we sow. So if the hygiene factors are present, basically the chances of getting the good end results are higher and vice versa.

Well, even the result do not turn out well, at least I am aware and mindful of my mistake and would just need to take precaution in my future experiment lor.....

This is one of my maiden voyage experiments- orange enzyme

Another experiment - apple with few slices of oranges (to replace lemon)

I am naively anticipating "twins" - Look at my glass jar, it's XL size. That really show how Kiasu I am... :)


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