Thursday, 1 January 2009

Japanese Buffet Dinner At The Legend Hotel, KL

This year, we took our family out for a Christmas dinner in Legend Hotel, KL. It was a Japanese buffet-style dinner. As there were six of us, we were given a tatami room.
All the guests were given a party pack in conjunction with the christmas celebration.

Like most of the buffet, there was a huge spread of selections! As I had gone thru a recent episode of food poisoning, no choice but to avoid the raw food sashimi (juz too bad...).
Anyway, I have topped my plate with all the make-to-order dishes from the action stalls. My favourite veggie and salmon cutlet in teppanyaki style. The grilled dishes were called yokitori (grilled chicken in skewers , a bit like sate except that it has more terriyaki sauce taste) . Also not forgetting, the famous Japanese delicacies such as baked unagi (eel) and tiny fish of 'Japanese species' in BBQ style.

Some of rather "Malaysianized" varieties such as honey chicken wings, fried rice, baked oyster with cheese topping, butter prawns, tempura and etc..

Custards pudding and a variety of dessets for drooling!
As it was a Christmas dinner, there were rich fruit cake, stollen (fruity loaf), yule-log and etc served to mark the occasion. Anyway, I found the cakes and desserts are rather too sweet.

Green tea always blend well with red beans. So I have not forgotten to top-up one scoop of red beans to my green tea ice cream!

Relish this icy dessert with a combo of shaved ice, black jelly (cincao) and longan. was a very cooling sensation indeed!

Ho! Ho! Ho! Father Christmas clad in red and white suit had paid us a surprise visit! Elgin took the opportunity to capture the moment with Santa Claus!

Elgin was "conned" into tying the balloons filled with hallogen gas to his pants.

Posing with style!

Oh oh! Difficult to sit? Sorry.. too late to release! This was how we tamed the naughty Elgin.

There were wide varieties of fresh seafood dishes, typical Japanese cuisines such as sushi, sukiyaki, udon noodle stirred fried with black pepper, miso soup, omochi & etc. Also not forgetting the delicacies for the occassion - roast lamb and turkey in cranberry sauce. Anyway I couldn't afford to stomach in so many things at one go. The buffet on normal days was priced at 69++ but it has gone up to 88++ during Christmas. Anyway, it was a jolly-good dining experience with loved ones in this special day!