Monday, 12 January 2009

Elgin's First Day of School

Elgin has finally "graduated" from kindie. January 2009 marked an important milestone for him as he will be starting his primary school life at this point onwards. I considered myself lucky for being able to get him into a Chinese Primary school at the vicinity of Desa Parkcity through my uncle's contact. I have heard that it is not easy to get into Chinese schools as the demand is rather high. There are more than 50 students in a class, can you imagine? Despite the medium of instruction, I have heard varying views about the pros and cons of sending kids to Chinese schools. There are some who said that Chinese schools are more serious in their teaching business. But on the other hand it's like a pressure cookers and the average kids may not be able to take the pressure. Anyway, my believe is sooner or later, kids are able to adapt to it. I could be wrong but I think there is no point to bother at this stage. With 2 years of Mandarin tuition, I think Elgin is ready for that school. Kamatei!

Elgin and his new school. Pic was taken when I took him to buy his exercise books and stationery before the school reopening.

Elgin was que-ing up with his newly acquainted classmates to the boys' washroom- one of the key activities during the orientation day.

Recess time- tucking in at the school canteen. He seemed to enjoy his meal.

At the end of period, all the new kids were instructed to wait for their parents.

Elgin broke the rule...
He couldn't wait to reunion with his mom. Hence was instructed to go back to his line immediately until his class teacher release him.

There you are.. waiting impatiently! (Not the son, but the mom :P)


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