Sunday, 12 October 2008

Mom & Babe Talk - Stupid Mom

Babe got mad with me when I didn't fulfill his whims and fancy. As usual, I made don't know and left him alone in the room to throw his tantrum. He sprinkled talcum powder all over the floor and wrote me a short note on a small piece of paper:

Mom, you are very stupid

On the reverse side of the paper, he wrote:

You are stupid becos why you don't want to buy for me PS2 CD game?

I kept cool and pretended as though I don't understand the meaning of the notes he wrote. Receiving no response from me, he came near me and asked if I read the notes on the reverse side of the paper. Rebelliously, he continued to tell me the reason he threw talcum powder on the floor was to make me slip down since I didn't keep my promise. He was really plucking on my nerve and testing my patience. Sure enough, I left a tight slap on his left cheek and reprimanded him for being disrespectful to his mom.

He said sorry to me after crying for 10 minutes. Doubted if his apology was sincere, i asked him if he knew why I got upset with him.

"Because I said you are stupid" He happily answered, thinking that I have forgiven him
"What else?" I probed further. In fact, what really upset me was his revengeful thought of making me slip.
"I can't even the way mom, did I spell the word stupid correctly?"


JLim said...

Arrrhhh children..we need tons of patience. Sometime wonders if we are imparting the right/correct stuffs..well, as parents, we are also learning everyday

Christina said...

Yes, they are children but sometimes they do think like an adult. What they see and watched will influence them. Make sure tell him if he do this what is the consequences. Just read all my comments in the other section of your blog.

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