Thursday, 25 March 2010

2010 Chinese New Year Reunion Dinner Menu

Every Chinese New Year her children seemed able to predict my mom in law's menu for the reunion dinner. Sorry to say that the predicament we had for CNY reunion dinner is always impressed on her to size-down the menu but she has never failed to understand this. We nobly reminded her of the world famine -save food, have just enough and no leftover (ahem!!)
Well...for this year and like many many past years, we told her not to cook so much and cut down the portion on main courses. Yet and again she never failed to fill-up the table.  "Must cook more for new year, it signifies abundance of food," she exclaimed. Interesting enough every CNY reunion, the dinner would not be complete without few of her signature dishes, the "what -she-claimed-must-have" for Hokkien people's new year. The favourite four are stewed pig's trotter with sea cucumber and fish maw, steamed fish and prawns and fried nam-yee chicken. Fish means abundance and prawns means laughter aplenty. Chicken means the grandchildren will have home-made KFC for reunion dinner and believe it or not that dish is the most sought after by the grandchildren. Besides, how can the reunion be more exciting without having the low sang..That really was one of my most favourite dish!


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