Saturday, 16 October 2010

Kuching's Best Restaurants

My friend took us to this restaurants chain which he claimed ranked the top  10 must-visit restaurants in M'sia by the Lonely Planet travellers. The names of the outlets are quite unique - "the/\living room", "Bla Bla Bla" and "The Junk". These restaurants are owned by the same management.

Bla Bla Bla served mostly Chinese Fusion and the Junk's caters for the European taste buds. To have the best of both worlds, go for The Living Room as its menu combines both the restaurants menu, you can get a combo of Eastern and Western varieties. 

All the three restaurants are tastefully decorated in 3 different themes. The Living Room is like a cafe in a long house with all the back-to-nature ornaments and furnishing. Bla Bla Bla's decor has a distinctive Balinese style with lush garden and water features. Interestingly you have to  access  by stepping on the stones across a shallow pool to this restaurant. Along the narrow walkway  you will be greeted by platters of fresh vegetables and fruits elegantly displayed as part of decor. 
The Living RoomThe Junk is a quaint bistro with charms and character. But the rooms are dimly lit with mood lighting, funky mirrors , odd figurines, narrow walkways and cut corners  leading from one room to another makes this place feel ike a maze. It is decorate with way too many antiques and the hard rock music and chilled atmosphere made me a little queasy...
I still prefers the Living Room as the ambiance is relatively more soothing with nice soft sentimental music.
The Living Room
We ordered  Chinese Stir-fried noodle, Sea Bass in "Butter Prawn" style, Roasted Duck in mango and mixed salads, along with the famous Kuching's Paku Pakis vegetable salad. It was all awesomely delicious!!

Smashed pots and pans decor at the Junk
Bla Bla Bla...not shooting at the right angle
 This dish is like East Meets West - Peking duck with crispy skin. The underlying salad is taste like tangy coleslaw.This dish is awesome!
Mixed Ferns salad?
Dining in a "Long House". The cool and soothing ambiance dimly lit with citronella candles are sure to drive love birds in and mosquitoes away.

This is sea bass cooked in butter prawn styles. Nice dish!

The Junk


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