Monday, 1 March 2010

Catching The Mood For CNY

This year I wasn't in the mood for new year. Too busy even to think about new year. Worse still, fell sick at the 11th hour. Terrible sore throat and flu. I reckoned tat was mandarin orange flu. But then swear..I only took 4 pips, not even an orange. That shows how potent the virus can be. Orange flu's in the air..Luckily Christina gave me some antidotes for me to pull through at the very critical moment..or else i would not be able to enjoy all the goodies for new year. This year I didn't make any of my favourite cookies coz I was too tired to engage in any baking activities..
I also did the last minute shopping for some necessary stuff as there won't be new year without those stuff. Luckily my hubby and in laws are more enthusiastic to get into the mood for new year. My hubby suddenly had a crush on those what I called "chinese new year flowers" sold in nurseries. So his parent happily went  and  shopped a few pots to decorate our house. The flowers cost about RM5-RM10 per pot. Not very expensive but withered away quickly coz the weather was scorching hot. Some have already bade us sayonara before ushered in the YEAR of The TIGER. Anyway, those managed to survive and gone into full bloom were really great.

(Upper) Last year's decor
(Lower)This year's decor

The chasing red red color everywhere to bring in the "ong"


My hubby has bought some chocolate balls to top up my candy bowl. By virtue of valentine's day falls on the first day of CNY, these chocolates are supposed to gratify the Cupid who knocked at my door, in case the God of Prosperity don't  give face to come. hubby is not the romantic sort. THIS IS MERELY MY IMAGINATION AND ASSUMPTION. In fact, it is the  one pot of "kum" (gold) that the bowl signifies. Since the gold wrapper made the bowl look like a pot of gold. Initially we thought of buying Patchi but the price was too steep so we settled for Rocher and Cadbury.


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