Monday, 18 January 2010

Bert's Garden Malacca

This restaurant was recommended by my colleague. It was located at Tg Keling, Malacca. A short distance away from Everly Resort Hotel(formerly known as Riviera Bay 
Resort). The restaurant is housed in an old restored garden bungalow.

Set along the beach, this is an ideal place to dine with family and friends as the ambiance is very conducive. It is also an excellent  spot for the romantic loved birds to watch sunset while having dinner. We drove from KL after work at 4.45pm on one Friday evening. Luckily the traffic was smooth-flowing and we managed to reach the eatery around 7pm, just in time to watch the sunset.


To our disappointment, met the eyes were no longer the open wide blue sea but a piece of reclaimed land which was really an eye-sore. 

Once upon of time, the restaurant patrons get to feed the fish from the sea while dining. With the reclaimed land project going on, the fish has migrated elsewhere I believe.


Their menu features extensive array of Asian and Western dishes of which seafood dishes are the most popular amongst all. There are many cooking styles ranging from stir-fry, baked, grill, steam and stew. The restaurant staff Raj was very helpful and attentive, recommended us to sample some of the most popular dishes as follows:


Tempura Prawns


Seabass in spicy assam gravy

Nasi lemak

Baked Carpeted Chicken (chicken stuffed with mushrooms) 

Garagau fritter (Small shrimps fritters)
The last course was Sri Lanka crabs in black pepper sauce...too bad..busy eating no time for photography. It was very yummy of course.


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