Saturday, 29 November 2008

Hawaiian Chicken Pizza

This is another localized pizza recipe. The base and toppings (except for cheese) are 100% home-made.

The recipe for the base is authentically Italian . It is low in both calories and cholesterol. Since milk and butter are omitted, therefore, minus the topping, it is most suitable for the health-freaks and calories-conscious.

Recipe For The Base
250g plain flour
250g bread flour
300g water
2 tsp salt
3tsp sugar
11g dry yeast (ready-packed)
2 tablespoon olive oil

1. Blend all ingredients using a mixer or hands.
2. Let it rise for 1 1/2 hour.
3. Divide the dough into 2-3 portion (depending on the pan size), roll out and spread it over the pan.
4. Prick tiny holes using forks on the surface. Let it rest.
5. In the meantime, heat up oven to 180 degrees C for at least 10 min
5. Bake for 15 minutes.

Baking Tips:
1. The original recipe calls for 700g plain flour. I like the base to be softer like the bread texture, so have substituted half of it with bread flour/high protein flour. This is the typical localized version of pizza. The original American or Italian pizza base are all made of normal plain flour which is easier to manage when the dough has risen. Usually the base made of 100% plain flour will be crispier when baked.

2. This recipe will produce 2 large pizza and 1 small pizza. However, if you do not have a double rack oven, you may have to put the remaining dough (cover with damp cloth) in the freezer while baking the first pan of pizza before the dough becomes "over-proven" which will cause the base to become rather dense. I usually make all the base first before spreading the topping. Just make sure you have enough pans to hold up all the dough. Timing for proofing is very important which I have yet mastered. In fact, someone who worked in Pizza Hut told me that any over-proofing dough has to be discarded or the pizza will not turn out well. Usually while the first pizza base is sent to the oven, you can start rolling out the base for the second one. As for the 3rd one, just leave it in the fridge in order that it is not over-risen while waiting for its turn to bake. Sometimes it gotta look at the weather(besides checking your own mood). If you bake during a hot day, the yeast will become hyperactive and react quickly. Anyway, you won't fail easily with this PizzAdventure!

3. Water, you may need more or less the above amount. It all depend on the quality of the flour. Anyway, you may adjust with either adding more flour or water, no harm done.

4. If you do not use up all the base, it can be stored in the freezer for up to 6 months. Just wrap it with cling firm or plastic wrap.

Pizza Topping:

1 cup tomato sauce (Pls look for the Multi-purpose Tomato Sauce recipe from "All about sauces")
1 green capsicum, sliced/cubed
1 onion, sliced
Some mozzarella cheese & some cheddar, if desired
1 bowl of cubed chicken meat (from breast of one chicken), marinated with turmeric powder, curry powder, pounded garlic and shallots, salt and brown sugar and 1 tbp of oil.
Some pineapple cubes (key ingredient as per the recipe title)
Some dried oregano/mixed herbs

Just assemble everything on top of the pizza and bake at 180 degree C for 15-20 minutes (ensure the chicken is cooked through)

Spread the tomato paste

Green pepper, onion and chicken

Dun forget the cheese

This is the end result


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